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Why is RR knife the best choice?

One of the main features of kitchen knives Handmade knives by RR is the uniqueness. Since all knives are forged, shaped, hardened and polished by hand, they do not have one exactly the same double.


Blades are made of special steel that promises long-term loyalty. Handles are made of the highest quality wood. Kitchen knives Handmade knives by RR are designed according to the model of Japanese knives.


Because we are aware that everyone has his own desires, needs and taste, we offer you the opportunity to build a knife in our configurator. You can choose the shape and length of the blade and the handle material yourself. You can also add a personalized inscription on the blade.


We are also available for special requests. We can make blades out of standard lengths and shapes. If you are up to new adventures, you can make an RR blade yourself at our forging course. 


Handles of ‘Handmade knives by RR’ are with some improvements similar to traditional Japanese handles and they are always regardless to blade – the same shape. Handles length, which is from 100 to 140 mm, is adjusted to the blade length. 


‘Handmade Knives by RR’ are intentionally designed for specific tasks at the kitchen, that is why they have different shapes, lengths, heights and blades thickness. They are both sides milled, so they are appropriate for left-handed as well as for those who are right-handed. You can choose between six different blade shapes in three different lengths. 

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Handles are made of different natural wood, which has medium / high density and hardness, and they pride on with different wood structures and color shades for everyone. 


The blade is made of martensitic stainless steel marked with W-Nr 1.4116 (EN X50CrMoV15). The material provides extremely high strength because of its structure (up to 59 HRC per Rockwell), good corrosion resistance and outstanding mechanical properties at temperatures up to 300 °C, what makes it more than appropriate for high-quality blades production. 


Imagine a fearless man with a sharp tongue, a man with a bag full of experience from very extraordinary situations. Overall that this man has also an incredible talent. Everyone who knows him or had even heard about him or his adventures are aware that he is one of a kind, an urban myth.

Everything started in Ljubljana, in Šiška. His life was not covered with flowers. He grew up on the street, and if he wanted to survive, he had to fight. He has experienced and seen many things on his life journey. That's why he carries a set of experiences and a lot of interesting and unusual stories. Knives are also a big part of his life. He has always admired their power, shape, and sharpness. From this long-standing love, the idea of forging his own blades was born, and when his life led him to a blacksmith, who has been nourishing a blacksmith tradition and quality since 1870, RR did not waste time. He combined all his dreams, talent and knowledge into a whole and created a knife with a story. A unique product without duplicate. Each of the smallest detail on the RR blades is carefully thought out - from the material and shape of the blades to the shape of the handle and the choice of wood. The top product already tells you by the touch and by the look that a lot of time, knowledge, talent and energy has been put into it.

Our way of making knives is different from all others on the market. Kitchen knives Handmade knives by RR are forged, molded, hardened and polished manually. In the background, we present you the whole process of production.

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Always sharp as a razor. 

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"The right knife for every taste." - Vesna Movia


The legend created a legendary knife.


Priporočamo, da nož izberete glede na namembnost oblike njegovega rezila. Na voljo imate šest različnih nožev:
RR SANTOKU – multipurpose kitchen knife for cutting meat, fish and vegetables. 
RR GYUTO – a versatile kitchen knife with a big blade - a knife for the main chef.
RR PETTY – the smallest multipurpose kitchen knife, suitable for peeling off fruit and vegetables.
RR NAKIRI – a kitchen knife designed for cutting all kinds of vegetables.
RR DEBA – a thicker kitchen knife for grinding and meat and fish filtration.
RR YANAGIBA – a longer kitchen knife for cutting thin slices of different types of meat, including raw fish.

For the first purchase, we suggest a multi-purpose kitchen knife such as RR Santoku or RR Gyuto. The other knives are designed for specific tasks in the kitchen and are usually purchased as an auxiliary knife. Before making a final decision, consider the length of the blade. You can find all the dimensions of individual blades in our configurator - CREATE YOUR OWN or in our catalog that can be downloaded here. CATALOG


Handmade knives by RR can be ordered at our online store. By clicking on Create your own you enter in our configurator, which allows you to assemble the knife at your own decision. 

1. First, by clicking on the blade shape icons (or the arrows on the left and right side of the base image), you select the shape of the blade and the appropriate length.

2. The selection of the handle is followed. By clicking on a single handle, it will also be replaced on the base picture above, with your selected blade.

3. The next step is the option of personal writing on the blade. In the empty box, type the text that will appear directly on the blade in the basic image above.

4. Then select the type of box in which the knife will be packaged and continue purchasing by clicking ADD TO CART.

5. The following pages show the specifications of your order. To order or to add an extra knife, click on the CONTINUE. Otherwise, click on the CHECKOUT button.

6. The last step is to complete the order form by entering your personal information in the empty box. On the right, select the payment method and complete the purchase by clicking FINISH ORDER.

7. Your knife goes to a production as soon as your payment is visible, and you receive it by post office to your address within 14 business days.

Kje lahko vidite in preizkusite RR nože pred nakupom?

Ročno kovane kuhinjske nože Handmade knives by RR lahko vidite in preizkusite v Ljubljani, natančneje v Gostilnica in pivnica ŠIŠKA, Drenikova ulica 35.

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Of course! Please send us your wishes regarding standard forms, dimensions and materials at info@handmadeknivesbyrr.eu and we will be pleased to assist you as far as possible.


If you want to extend the life of ‘Handmade knives by RR’ as well as knife sharpness, we 

recommend you to follow suggestions below: 

  • Never cut frozen foods, bones, and bread with a knife.
  • Always use a wooden or plastic cutting board. 
  • Cut lightly so the knife will hit the board with a smaller force. 
  • Do not put RR knife in a dishwasher! 
  • Always clean a knife after you were using it – rinse it with warm water and, if necessary, apply a detergent to it and gently rub it with a sponge. Then wipe the knife with a dry kitchen cloth. Take this advice especially after you’ve cut food that has high acidity. 
  • For grinding, use steel or ceramic rod/sander. 
  • Keep the knife in the enclosed box or in the knife stand. 
  • When you are not using the knife put the blade protection on.